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Explainer video for recruitment agency Talentful.  Showing a diverse range of people coming together round the table to work together on a project.


Born in South West London in the UK, Mills excelled in stage work – including dance and acting from the age of 3.  After studying Drama and English at Bristol University, Mills decided to follow her passion for travel and meeting new people by living and working in Asia for several years. During her travels she became interested in voice and how it can be used to create different moods and connections, and enhance performance and production. 

Mills is fuelled by her love of voice and enjoys learning different vocal techniques to hone her skills.   Mills also reads for the Newspaper for the Blind in her local area and has contributed to Librivox projects.  Always up for a challenge, she welcomes enquiries for any project that her voice could make shine.  Her past and present activities include commercial and narrative voiceover, and voicing for videogames and audiodramas.

Mills has her own recording booth and can record and edit audio as part of your project.  Living close to London also means she is in  easy reach of external studios if clients prefer to use these.

A fun fact about Mills is that she was a Scuba Diving Instructor in Thailand for 4 years which gave her a lifelong love of the ocean and this is an inspiration to her while making waves on land with her voice.



Tel: +44 (0)7719 424366

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